Top 10 Fitness YouTubers You Should Be Watching

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Bart Kwan:  Initially Bart Kwan was uploading his comedy videos on youtube.  But the viewer will never miss his well built and shaped body.  In subsequent videos, he starts speaking about fitness tips.  He owns a gym at Los Angeles Downtown.

Omar Isuf: Omar who was initially with a badly shaped obese body and a peeping belly became popular with his transformation videos which shows his efforts in getting converted into a well built and healthy-looking man.

Bryce Lewis:  He is a weightlifter.   He strongly believes in preparing sportsperson without the use of power boosting drugs.  In his channel, he educates about healthy diet and workouts.  His videos on injury prevention, mental preparation etc are popular and useful for athletes.  He believes in non-hazardous ways of building health just like those who believe in a keto diet.  Read hello keto diet review to know more.

Dana Linn Bailey:  She is a female role model and inspiration YouTuber who is very popular for her self-confidence.  She is the first women physique pro.

Elliot Hulse:  His channel’s motto is ‘Become the strongest of yourself’ is self-explanatory of his channel content.  He even focuses on building mental strength by touching topics like bullying.

CT Fletcher: His videos will help you to constantly grow and achieve your health targets.

Christian Guzman:  He owns Alphalete Athletics clothing range.  He is a fitness entrepreneur and has a whole lot of dedicated fans.

Nikki Blackketter:  She is the best example of beauty and well-built body.  Her glamorous and pretty videos have earned her much reputation.

Chris Jones: His transformation videos throws light on how he gained weight and how he cut it.  He is one of the oldest youtuber.

Matt Ogus:  He is one of the pioneers in posting fitness videos on youtube.  His videos on how he got into a very bad shape by eating junks are very popular.…

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Here’s How Your Smartphone Could Be Ruining Your Workout

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We are living in a century where life is almost unimaginable without technology. However, that being said blessed are those who are still capable of going about their lives without depending too much on gadgets, especially smartphones.

Too much of anything is also bad and the same is true with technology. If you walk into a room filled with people, be it your living room, a clinic, a waiting lounge, or even the gym, you will find that almost 90% of the people are glued to their phones. Soon there will be a need for smartphone de-addiction centers in your town and businesses such as movomovo will have to develop smartphone repellent drugs soon.

People are so dependent on their smartphones for almost everything. Even though it offers many disadvantages, relying on your smartphone for things that can be done by yourself such going about your regular workout process will only ruin the whole workout session. Here is how.

  1. Attending calls, checking e-mails, and reverting to text messages while working out will make you lose focus and make your entire workout session ineffective.
  2. You might even end up injuring yourself by not paying sufficient attention to your workout. For instance, lack of attention might lead you to fall off the treadmill.
  3. In addition, it slows you down and alters the pace at which you perform each exercise. You always remain in the low energy zone if you are constantly using your smartphone and never have the chance to push yourself to do better.
  4. It is also known to lower your heartbeat and its overall performance.
  5. It is the ultimate destroyer of your memory, as it forces you to lose track of things that you are presently engaged in doing.

Hence, next time you hit the gym or attend any workout session, make sure you keep your smartphone locked up in the locker for a more productive workout. If however you must listen to music, resort to a classic walkman, iPod, or turn on the gym’s stereo.…

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