Kids love cartoons and the digital app YouTube helps them to watch all their favorite and new shows on it. However, it is not that safe to view all the plays as some included content might develop a negative effect on them. As of now, the updated version of the same app has restricted to kids-friendly animation shows and other educational subjects. Further, the starwalkkids aid the parents in this regard.

In addition, here are some tech measures you can take for eliminating the risk of your child seeing the unwanted matters.

  • Slide the Turn key to switch off the searching. This limits the kids to a certain number of videos and thereby can be managed within our comfort level. Visiting the app settings may aid you to enable the turn off search key.
  • Add a private password so that the screen is always in the parental control mode. This is applicable for the child who can read the screen and so have chances to visit the settings mode and enable the search button. However, keeping the password is safe from the child entry.
  • Take the step to report and block intolerable videos appearing on the screen. Further, it would not be reappearing on the screen. This is because of the effort put forward by the specific app team who reviews all such flagged videos for twenty-four hours. A triple-dot option on the right corner of the video enables to report the video or the whole channel if you find it offensive.
  • A Parent can manually download or just add the videos that they want for their kids to view. For activating this, you simply need to visit the video or channel control tab where you can opt for the ‘strictly permitted content only.

Apart from this, it is advisable to select only those videos that can provide some valuable videos for watching. Likewise, you can go for rhymes that entertain the little ones.