How to Protect Private Pictures on Whatsapp

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Sending pictures, to your friends and family who are away from your location, is very popular, as you do not wish to miss on the memories of a lifetime, with the limitations in the trust about data leakages that are rampant, how safe are your pictures? Whats app continuously protects the data against hackers and all the messages are encrypted through its network. With social media being trolled over a lot of privacy issues, whats app has added advanced security, with a good encryption the hackers may be hard pressed to obtain the data.

  • there are recommendations for using Wifi, using it from an unknown source could be a breeding ground for hackers
  • using third-party network will expose the data to be hacked as the network safety and security is questionable
  • as for whats app claims, the messages and pictures are not stored, if the recipient does not receive after 30 days all the data gets deleted, claiming to be safer
  • hacks are waiting to happen, using in secure data networks should be avoided, as your photos and messages can be seen and shared, air ports, railways have a huge public domain, available at cumswingwithme and using it for sharing photos is not advisable
  • using networks that you are familiar and often use is better than opening the data in unknown domains, use the VPN server that is the safest and the most secure way to share your pictures with loved ones
  • keep your profile hidden, making it public will give in to reverse search you image from Google
  • lock your phones when they are not used, to avoid prying eyes in public places
  • limit the photos to be shared on social media and phone’s photo albums, turning on the app to send the photos to your phone, will expose the sharing of the photos from the phone.
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