How Plastic Bottles Can Be Used To Make Torch Flashlight

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Summer is here, which means lots of fun and camping! Yes, camping is indeed one of the best ways to pass the summer with your friends gleefully, which means, you should start making the arrangements with the necessary camping essentialities! In the camping checklist, there is always a place for the flashlight because only that makes your nighttime camping events enjoyable and, at the same time safe! If you are particularly interested in buying headlamps then, this site has the best headlamp reviews and therefore, might offer you the best solutions!

Or, if you are ‘the king of procrastination’ like me and has forgotten to procure the flashlight much before the time bar then, do not worry, as you have the benefit of ‘DIY’! Now, you need not be a tech geek to create this DIY Torch Flashlight, and, at the same time, the components required are also nothing fancy, which means, even if you have only a few hours of time left, you can coolly create one without any difficulty! So, shall we start?

  1. Procure the below materials, before we start!
  • A plastic bottle, any size that you prefer or have handy
  • 2* 1.5 V batteries and a battery holder to place them
  • A 2.2 V bulb, either a new one or a retrieved one and a bulb holder
  • About 100m insulated wire
  • A copper tape
  • Solder and Soldering Iron
  1. Cut the bottle at nearly a quarter distant away from the cap and smoothen the edges preferably to avoid the scratches!
  2. In the middle of the cap, make a perfect hole that could fit in the bulb you have perfectly and insert the bulb in such a way that the bulb head faces the inner portion of the cap. Now, screw this cap back to the bottle carefully!
  3. Place the batteries at the other half of the bottle and tape them!
  4. Now solder the wires of the bulb, battery, and switch, accordingly (Understanding the positives and negatives)!
  5. Arrange the components neatly in the bottle and glue them properly! Now, you are all set to explore with your cool, budget-friendly ‘DIY’ Torch flashlight!
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