Limits on Technology: Natural & Economic

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Technology – There are various versions and types of technology and it does not stop in any zone. From aviation technology, space technology, weather predictions, digital technology, bio-technology medical equipments, shipping technology, mobile phone technology so on. Technology is used for various practical reasons that help out people, better their lifestyle, entertainment purpose, safety & security, medical reasons, etc. However, it is an obsession with the common man and people all over the globe who spend several hours in front of their computer systems, smartphones, clicking selifeis, etc.

Natural Limits on Technology

Natural means the natural things in this world, the earth, and the universe. There are natural limits on technology as there is always a limit to whatever we want to do in life, naturally. One of the biggest and most common example is in physics, there is a law that says it is impossible to travel faster than the speed that light travels. This means there is also a natural limit to develop the technology to travel faster than light.

Economic Limits on Technology

Economic limits technology because there is no funding to certain developments of technology. Everything requires money to do and same goes with technology. Hence, the latest scientific medical treatments, therapies, medical equipments, etc. could be possible but due to economic limits on technology makes it impossible to do it. Great ideas that have its benefits also does not make sense due to high costs.

These two limits on technology – natural and economic keep technologies from going very far. However, it helps out many people, organizations, institutions, and industries mentioned earlier like latest version of apps upgrades, medical equipment, maritime technology, etc. Many software technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics, etc incorporated into latest ship design and manufacture. See luxury ships details that you can get from online.

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