Read on to know the 7 ways technology has changed the modern workplace:

The way of communication:  Technology has changed the modes of communication in the workplace.  Email and pings take the place of phone calls and typed letters.  Technology has helped organizations to ‘go green’ and helped reduced paper usage.  Emails are the authenticated form of organizational communications now.

Travels reduced:  Technology has given facilities like webinars and video conferencing calls so that work travel is reduced.  Workplace need not be defined physically.  Technology has enabled people to work from home.  There is no need to separately rent or own premises for the purpose of the workplace. This has resulted in the availability of a variety of work profiles.

Customer satisfaction:  Technology has enabled modern workplaces to be more customer-centric.  The customer is the king of the market.  If one wants to buy a product, he can access numerous reviews from sites like BestBudget and take the correct decision.  Hence organizational goals to achieve customer delight is made possible using technology.

Staying connected:  Technology has presented us with wi-fi and internet that helps to stay connected with the workplace even during travel or vacation.  Hence delays in taking important decisions are eliminated.  It is easier to reach out to people.  Distance is no longer a barrier.

Automation:  Technology has resulted in automation in various aspects of life.  This has resulted in improved speed and efficiency.    This has brought cost-reduction.

More collaboration and connect:  Technology has enabled collaboration among businesses to work towards a common goal.  The geographical barrier is no longer an issue.  Exchange of know-how and a better connect of peer workgroup is made possible using social networking.

Improved security:  Technology has brought good methods of storing data in a safe manner.  Blockchain technology which is in its initial stage will soon help the universe in safer online transactions.