10 Smart Gadgets to Automate Your Home When Traveling

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Smart people use their smart devices to remotely manage their homes when they are traveling. For those who want to join the league of smart individuals here is a list of 10 smart gadgets at www.yoursmarthomeguide.com to ensure you have a peaceful holiday without worrying about your home.

  1. Video doorbell: A battery operated doorbell with a built-in mike, camera and speakers allows you to interact with visitors to your house when you are away.
  2. Smart Power Outlet: This device relies on Wi-Fi to help you monitor the power consumption in your house; it also allows you to control the lighting and other electronics from the corresponding app.
  3. Smoke alarm: The Nest Protect is a unique smoke detector with inbuilt sensors that not only notify about smoke but also when the batteries are low in charge.
  4. Smart Vacuum cleaner: This vacuum cleaner can map and clean your house even when you are away. You can remotely control it by connecting with your Wi-Fi and with Alexa or Google Assistant.
  5. Home monitoring system: These devices are tuned to detect not only smoke but also your doors and windows and even your safe; the corresponding app will send you alerts whenever it detects anything out of ordinary.
  6. Wireless Lighting: To be able to control the lighting in your house you need the help of something like the Philips Hue which comes with smart bulbs and a hue bridge to control your lights with your smartphone.
  7. Amazon Key: You will never miss another important courier when you are not at home with this Amazon key system which comes with a camera and a compatible smart lock that gives you the ability to decide who can enter the house and who can’t.
  8. Controlling the heating system: You can become more energy efficient by controlling the temperature in your home from your phone. It is so smart that it can turn off when no one is at home.
  9. Home Security Camera: Armed with night vision and motion sensors these home security cameras can provide a real-time feed of what is happening inside and outside your house based on where you place it.
  10. PetCube Bites: They not only dispense treats to your pet but also help you connect with it when you are away.
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Video Games and Health: How to be a Healthier Gamer in 2019

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Gaming has changed in many ways. Gaming consoles have gotten better. Even the computer and smartphone games have improved. Gaming communities are getting stronger and wider. All that being said, games might be as entertaining and as engaging as sports. But there is one problem with intense gaming- you tend to forget about your fitness and health. Gaming can keep you occupied for hours. These are times where you overlook your posture. And sitting for long hours during the day can take a toll on your health. So if you are a gamer here are some ways to improve your health –

Ergonomic furniture

Invest in the best quality ergonomic furniture for gaming. This includes the work desk and chair. Make sure that your lumbar region is also well supported. Even in keyboards and gaming mice, there are ergonomic variants that can help avoid the strain on your muscles while using them continuously.

Posture correction exercises

There are plenty of exercises that are known to improve your posture permanently. These can be very helpful for gamers who sit for hours. They also help prevent sore muscles in the shoulder, neck, and back.

Eye exercises

Your eyes undergo a lot of strain as well. So look for relaxing eye exercises. This can also help prevent headaches caused by eye strain. And mindfully blink often while playing your games to prevent dryness and irritation in your eyes.

Physical activities

Make sure that you make up for the idle time by topping up with healthy physical exercises or sports after your gaming sessions.

Supplements to the rescue

For some, no amount of diet changes and exercise plans work. In such cases, do not give up – simply add a reliable supplement recommended by a doctor. Find more information from WeKratom website before you purchase supplements.

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