3 Reasons Why Consumers Still Prefer Print Over Digital Coupons

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Though the popularity of digital coupons is on the rise, the adults and older people at least prefer to use paper coupons compared to the digital ones. The basic reason is the newness of the technology and people’s reluctance to adapt to new changes easily.

There are many reasons that people refuse to change. One of the biggest reasons is the distrust towards new technology. Many people still do not like to give out their banking details online so it is very difficult for them to provide their mobile number and email id to various payment apps and discount coupon apps. Say a website like https://www.couponobox.com/ has hundreds of different types of discount coupons and unless you provide some details like the mobile number, how can you download the apps or discount codes?

There are some other reasons as well.

  1. There are certain predetermined discount vouchers or codes that you can download and use. So if you want a better deal for a product that you have added to your cart then that may not be possible. You may not get very high-value discounts and it may be difficult to combine these with paper-based
  2. Sometimes your mobile may not have connectivity and the coupon may not download properly. Computer errors at the time of billing and payment may not read the coupon correctly or apply the right discount. These errors may happen in digital coupons.
  3. The stores prefer digital coupons. So even if you have a better offer on a paper coupon then also your digital coupon will be considered and you may lose some amount of discount.

These problems are minor in the implementation of digital technology in discounts and may soon be rectified. The consumers need to be aware of the better offers. If they are not able to use the digital coupons of higher value then they can always contact the customer care department. Combining the different levels of offers is the key and we are sure that soon the marketing world will have more patrons of digital offers. This is inevitable as the speed of the internet is constantly on the rise as is the rate of people migrating to online shopping.…

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Wie Facebook unser Leben verändert

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Facebook, eine der größten Social-Media-Plattform, hat über 800 Millionen Menschen hat seine Nutzer.  Nicht nur das Leben der Menschen wird von Facebook beeinflusst, sondern es war auch verantwortlich für die Art und Weise, wie der Geschäftsmarkt seine Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Gehen Sie durch Adfluencer, um über verschiedene Marketing-Gimmick, die mit Social Media Plattform getan werden könnte, zu wissen.  Im Folgenden finden Sie nur wenige Möglichkeiten, wie Facebook das Leben der Menschen beeinflusst hat und ihr Verhalten verändert.

Süchtig – Wenn Sie ein Facebook-Nutzer sind, können Sie 24 Stunden durchgehen, ohne die Facebook-Seite zu überprüfen oder die Beiträge durchzulesen. 80 Prozent der Menschen, die Facebook nutzen, können es nicht. Es gibt Studien, die zeigten, dass die Notwendigkeit, die Facebook-Seite immer wieder zu überprüfen, süchtiger ist als Zigaretten oder Alkohole.  Die Symptome, süchtig nach Facebook zu werden, beinhalten Facebook, das Ihre Arbeit oder Ihren Schlaf stört, oder Sie werden mit Panik oder Angst erfüllt, wenn Sie nur den Gedanken haben, den Account zu löschen.

Macht einen Eifersucht-Viele Menschen haben zugegeben, dass sie sich eifersüchtig fühlen, durch andere Post zu gehen, die ein aufregenderes Leben führen als sie. Auch sie war dafür verantwortlich, einen Riss zwischen den Partnern zu schaffen, wenn sie sich gegenseitig die Seiten überprüfen.

Macht Ihnen einen besseren Einfluss auf die Mitarbeiter-Facebook hat einen besseren Einfluss auf die Menschen. Wenn die Leute eine kurze Pause einlegen und ihre Seite überprüfen, werden sie sich wiederbelebt fühlen und in der Lage sein, mehr Fokus auf ihre Arbeit zu geben.  Es ist wie ein Brennstoff, den das Gehirn braucht, um besser zu arbeiten.

Eine breite Palette von Informationen-Sie können einfach viele Informationen über Facebook erhalten. Es bietet Ihnen Informationen über einen Ort zu reisen, wie Sie Ihr Lieblingsgericht pfeifen, DIY-Dinge, die leicht zu Hause getan werden können, Online-Shopping, Dekorationsideen, etc.

Hilft bei der Verbindung mit längst verlorenen Freunden-Facebook konnte sich mit Menschen verbinden, die in der Schulzeit befreundet waren und die man jetzt keinen Kontakt mehr hat.

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How to Make YouTube Safer for Your Kids

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Kids love cartoons and the digital app YouTube helps them to watch all their favorite and new shows on it. However, it is not that safe to view all the plays as some included content might develop a negative effect on them. As of now, the updated version of the same app has restricted to kids-friendly animation shows and other educational subjects. Further, the starwalkkids aid the parents in this regard.

In addition, here are some tech measures you can take for eliminating the risk of your child seeing the unwanted matters.

  • Slide the Turn key to switch off the searching. This limits the kids to a certain number of videos and thereby can be managed within our comfort level. Visiting the app settings may aid you to enable the turn off search key.
  • Add a private password so that the screen is always in the parental control mode. This is applicable for the child who can read the screen and so have chances to visit the settings mode and enable the search button. However, keeping the password is safe from the child entry.
  • Take the step to report and block intolerable videos appearing on the screen. Further, it would not be reappearing on the screen. This is because of the effort put forward by the specific app team who reviews all such flagged videos for twenty-four hours. A triple-dot option on the right corner of the video enables to report the video or the whole channel if you find it offensive.
  • A Parent can manually download or just add the videos that they want for their kids to view. For activating this, you simply need to visit the video or channel control tab where you can opt for the ‘strictly permitted content only.

Apart from this, it is advisable to select only those videos that can provide some valuable videos for watching. Likewise, you can go for rhymes that entertain the little ones.…

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Five Technologies Transforming the Restaurant Industry

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Every industry has embraced technological change and even the restaurant businesses to are adopting the latest technology in their day to day operations. In restaurants, it’s highly critical that it should take care to maintain hygiene environment and should regularly engage in pest control activities.  One could check different pest prevention companies glasgow to know more about it.


Ways restaurants are adopting technological change

Data- Smart restaurants are using technology to collect data which helps in identifying the trends and customer insights. The data can be easily collected with the use of technology. With more people using mobile phones and internet service, it’s quite easy to conduct market surveillance about the likes of customers and what do they find best about in a restaurant. These data collected could be used for improving the restaurant business.

360-degree feedback- The customer feedback plays a very important role.  The feedback forms are customized according to each restaurant like different components like price, music, lighting, ambiance, quality of food, service, etc.

Cashless transactions- As the restaurants are opting for cashless transactions, it’s cleaner and safer.  It helps in keeping a check on the employees as all transactions are recorded and happen through transfer.

Building repeat customers- Restaurants focuses on making the customer come back to visit again. For instance, if your restaurants are listed on various booking sites, then the customers can easily book their seat through these sites. This convenience makes them revisit your restaurant as they don’t have to call up the restaurant and wait till they speak to someone to get an appointment. With just a click, the table could be booked.

Third revenue channel- Restaurants are exploring more ways to increase their business other than just fine dining option. Now with help of varied apps and software’s, catering business and home delivery services are gaining wide popularity. Mainstream of income is generated by these third revenue channels.…

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