7 Strategies for Keeping Kids Entertained Without Tech

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We all did once live in a world without mobile phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi and we did survive. In fact, some of us are doing and not so bad up until now. However, today our desks are occupied with at least one if not two, smartphones and a personal laptop and we pass on the same to our kids.

Looking at it, it is no fault of theirs to demand one of these tech gadgets because all they see is mommy and daddy glued to their phones, laptops, and TV. Hence, they feel the need to have one too. Nowadays even babysitting is no longer difficult. All you need is a tech gadget and an internet connection. You have the whole house under control. Perfect it is or is it not?

The point is not forbidding your kids to technology-driven entertainment and tying them to their bassinets that you have bought from https://whooopsadaisy.com/baby/furniture-cribs/best-bassinets-and-cradles-for-newborns/. However, the point is how much you need to expose them to it and what are your alternatives.

Here is a look at some ways you can keep your kids entertained without having to depend on tech. It is tough but it is every bit worth it. Firstly, be very strict in your approach and get rid off all gadgets. Try explaining this to your kids even if they do not get it and simply keep your home tech-free.

  1. Buy them some good quality outdoor sports equipment such as bats, balls, Frisbees, skates, etc. Do not restrict them to one but keep a few options available.
  2. Take them out for some activities during the weekends probably to a park, for fishing, for boating, a ride in a toy train, for swimming, to the beach, etc.
  3. Make space in your yard or garden for your kids to play and connect with nature.
  4. Inculcate the habit of reading in your children. It helps time fly like crazy. You could create a small library at your home, encourage kids in the neighborhood to share their books once they are done reading theirs, or simply get a membership in the nearest lending library.
  5. Get your child to join some fun classes like painting, clay making, pottery, dancing, etc. You could also let them join some self-defense classes such as karate, kickboxing, kung-fu, etc.
  6. Allow them to participate in the household chores.
  7. Buy them sensible toys and encourage them to play creatively like playing forts, camping, etc.
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